Sunday, July 14, 2013

Country Concert 2013

So my friend Grace and I have had Reserved Seating passes since February and I couldn't freaking wait. And overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Lots of beer, friends, and some damn good country music. Here was the line up:

Day 1-
Colt Ford
Jake Owen
Jason Aldean

Day 2-
Kellie Pickler
Little Big Town
Dierks Bentley

Day 3-
Jana Kramer
Dustin Lynch
Chris Cagel
Lee Brice
Chris Young
Brad Paisley

We ended up driving there and home everyday instead of camping so it was my friends Ryan and Tim from work and then my friend Grace in my car. Then Grace drove us home two of the three days and Tim/I drove last night.

The performers were awesome, the music was great, everyone there was nice and it was just an overall amazing time minus some kinks. Some highlights: this guy I just met told me he loved me then fell over a cooler, got groped by some Canadians, we made Grace into a beer holder (even though she didn't drink all weekend), this nice Canadian lady with a cute accent asked Grace and I about our boots, got some beads, these assholes in the camp ground scared Grace and I with a rubber snake on a fishing pole, I smoked a Canadian cigarette, danced with quite a few people, Grace and I cuddled in this camper, played some beer pong, and just had a ton of fun. Downside, I lost three pairs of sunglasses in three days and two packs of cigarettes. It happens I guess. All of it was well worth it. Can't wait for next year.

Now for pictures!

Gotta spend today recovering and get through this week of work then off to Wisconsin thursday after work for Rock Fest! Sooo excited!

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