Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Look Who's Here!

HEY GUYS! I bet you've been checking the obituaries to make sure I didn't die. Okay, probably not, BUT it doesn't matter because here I am to stay. (:

Alrighty, I clearly have a lot to catch you up on so I'll get started:
  • Due to a series of events I'm not working at TMD anymore. From there I worked at Wal Mart for a month or something on third shift. Yeah, not my favorite job. But now I'm working at Cooper Farms in the slicing department which surprisingly doesn't suck too bad. I like my co-workers and I love second shift. 
  • Um well I dropped out of college last fall and didn't go back in the spring because of some money issues but I will be back this summer should everything work out.
  • My family is still off living their lives in Tennessee and West Virginia and I'm still chilling here in Ohio. I did have to ditch the apartment though.
Pretty sure thats about it. But there is plenty up and coming posts:
  • This weekend I'm heading to Tennessee to see my baby twin graduate on Friday which is actually rather bittersweet. I feel old. So I'll be sure to post plenty of sappy pictures.
  • Saturday, I'm seeing Bobaflex perform in West Virginia
  • Next weekend, Rock on the Range! Nuff said. I will have pics, videos, and a full review of the concert.
  • Country Concert in August of course. 
I'm super excited. Lots to look forward to and I can't wait. I'll be sure to keep you all involved. (:

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