Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tattoo Number Five

After talking about it for like 4 or 5 years, Bri and I finally got our sister tattoos while in Texas last weekend (post coming) at Cowabunga Ink in Sheppard, Texas. Mines the top. Don't mind the fact that I have razor burn under mine and I'm extremely pale. 

My Baby Sister Got Married

I guess I kind of left out this tidbit of my life and I really didn't get Bri's okay per say but I'm gonna post it anyways. (:

So at the end of January I headed down to Tennessee and met up with my mom and sister and we took my Journey all the way to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas to see Bri's boyfriend Rylan graduate from Air Force basics.

We got to see him do the airman's run and the coin ceremony.

Then he did the most amazing proposal with his entire squad (or whatever they are called) dropping to one knee and proposing to my sister. I may have cried.. just a little.

Then they tied the knot and Bri became Mrs. Rylan.

 Yeah thats about that. Short but sweet and to the point.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tattoos Number Three & Four

I just realized I never posted about my newest two tattoos. I went down to visit my mom and sister for my sister's 18th birthday last August in Tennessee and they had just gotten new tattoos so I got all fired up and decided to get a new one myself. Somehow getting one turned into two.

Tattoo #3: Family Tattoo
Yes like a cult or something everyone in my family got a matching tattoo (hopefully I'll be able to post all of them when my brother in law gets his). The guys' are a bit less girly without the red and the love but they are all the same general concept. Mine is on my left shoulder blade.

Tattoo #4: Beautiful Disaster Ambigram
Outline up top and finished product obviously. I got this tattoo because it's a summary of my life. One beautiful disaster. I have to admit this was the hardest tattoo I've ever gotten. I got about halfway through and I almost passed out from the pain. Between my hip bone and my ribs I'm not sure which was worse. Regardless, it turned out fantastic and I love it dearly.

So big shout out to Black Hearts Tattoo Parlor in Cleveland, TN and Hammer Hands for doing just a fantastic job on both of my tattoos. I'm beyond pleased with how they turned out.

And for those of you keeping up, these would be all four of them. Two shoulders, my side, and my left hip. More to come for sure! Its an addiction (:

Pet Rats - Incredibly Cute or Extremely Gross?

Alright so thanks to my friend Grace, I'm now the owner of two baby rats. Yes, rats. Two girls. I have to admit I really wasn't a big fan but I have to say they are pretty cute.

They really are like the easiest pets. Get them a water bottle, a bowl with food, and a couple boxes and they are set. They pretty much burrow in their bedding and nap all day then come out at night. Which works out for me because I generally sleep til noon and they aren't active til I get home from work around 11. Then they are running around the cage, climbing across the top, and squeaking and chattering. They are really growing on me the longer I have them and I would recommend them to anyone wanting an easy to care for pet that will still have a personality and connect to you like a dog.

So for your viewing pleasure here are some baby rat pictures :)

March 2015;; Monthly Goals

I know I used to post my monthly goals and I really enjoyed doing it because (hopefully) I was also inspiring some of you to make some of your own goals and I feel like if I post them, I gotta stick to them. For those of you who talk to me outside of the social media world, feel free to bug me about to sticking to my goals (hahaha). Anyways heres what I want to accomplish this month:

  • Get all my stuff squared away and scheduled at IPFW by the end of the month. Hopefully, I'll be starting classes beginning of May and I want to be prepared ahead of time.
  • I really want to break down and get a Y membership and start running again at least. Its weird how I went from a three sport athlete to doing nothing after high school. But I suppose thats what happens when you get hooked on alcohol and cigarettes. Anyways, hopefully this month I can start getting back in shape which leads me to my next goal...
  • I wanna quit smoking by April 1st. Or at least get it down to like 2 a day. I know its gonna be hard because I've been smoking for nearly 4 years now but I would really like my lung capacity back.
  • Get some more money saved back in my savings account. Tax season was good to me and I managed to get a big chunk of money put away and get my credit cards paid off so now I'm just trying to save a little back each week from my paycheck.
  • Figure out who I wanna keep in my life. I've been going through a bit of a friends transition and I'm still trying to sort it all out. Hopefully, by the end of March, I wanna have a solid group I can trust and get the rest of the negative people cut out.
  • Watch less Netflix. Read more. I hope to be sharing some book reviews with ya'll soon. Honestly, I'd like for it to just warm up so I can break out the shotgun or the bow and just be outside.
  • Survive flying for the first time. So I will be flying for the first time out of Texas when my sister and I go visit my brother in law at Tech school. Talk about an all new experience but I'm super excited and I'm looking forward to it. 
  • Less pop and Monster. More water. Considering I literally drink nothing but Dr. Pepper and Monsters. Its a problem.
  • Start looking into a place of my own. I really wanna get out on my own and have a place that I can decorate and furnish anyway I want. I'm such a girl 
So thats just a little look inside my goals for the month. Hopefully I'll really get into working out again and be able to post some insight and progress photos and lame stuff like that. Keep ya'll posted! Love you readers! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

RIP Little Journey

Well last month we got one of our classic Ohio snowfalls. I live on a random back road that never gets plowed and on the way to work one day I was coming up to the stop sign at the intersection of a busy highway. Needless to say there was ice, bad tires, and no stopping at the stop sign. I slid into the intersection and got hit on the passenger side by an HHR. Luckily everyone was okay in the other vehicle. I bounced my head off the window and ended up taking an ambulance ride to the emergency room. Clearly, I survived with bashed up knees and a knot on my head. After a day of rest I was back to work.

Unfortunately, I was without a vehicle though. I bummed some rides until my bestest friend in the whole wide world lent me her car to borrow while she was at college. I spent a week driving the Teal Tragedy (her name, not mine) before I made it to my cousin's dealership in Mansfield where I found exactly what I wanted.

I'm pretty much a creature of habit and get real nervous about straying from what I know. Since I had absolutely loved my 2010 Dodge Journey, I started looking at replacing it with another Journey. They had one on the lot that was a used 2012 Journey that was the same color blue but it was all wheel drive which I desperately wanted for the stupid winters here in Ohio.

So heres the cool features:

  • Keyless entry
  • Push to start
  • Excessive big touch screen
  • Sirius XM
  • Climate control
  • Of course I had to add the Browning seat covers
I'm not sure I'm wild about the different front end but I'm digging the fog lights. So thats the update on my vehicle situation.

Apologies & Explainations

SO! HEY THERE! I'm back again. Its crazy that its been nearly a year since I've posted on here. Looks like the place needs a major remodel and some new material so I'll be putting a lot more work in around here in the coming days so bare with me while I get it updated. I'm terribly sorry for the absence.

I suppose I will update you on my current life for those of you keeping up:

  • I am still working at good old Coopers. Next month I'll have survived a full year in the place. Crazy, I know.
  • I'm currently living with my fantastic grandpa in BFE outside Van Wert and looking to hopefully get a place of my own to start decorating
  • I'm now the owner of two baby rats. Yes. I said rats. Surprisingly they are adorable and awesome pets which I hope to post about in the next week.
  • I'm in the process of switching schools to IPFW in Fort Wayne. Also to be explained later. 
  • I totaled my journey in a pretty bad accident and finally got a vehicle that is all mine. Talk about feeling grown up and overwhelmed too. 
I'll admit, I think I'm finally getting my life together and things are coming together really nicely. I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated. I'll also be active in posting my goals for the future because I feel like it will motivate me and maybe some of you readers too. Plus it gives me more of a reason to stick to them.