Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pet Rats - Incredibly Cute or Extremely Gross?

Alright so thanks to my friend Grace, I'm now the owner of two baby rats. Yes, rats. Two girls. I have to admit I really wasn't a big fan but I have to say they are pretty cute.

They really are like the easiest pets. Get them a water bottle, a bowl with food, and a couple boxes and they are set. They pretty much burrow in their bedding and nap all day then come out at night. Which works out for me because I generally sleep til noon and they aren't active til I get home from work around 11. Then they are running around the cage, climbing across the top, and squeaking and chattering. They are really growing on me the longer I have them and I would recommend them to anyone wanting an easy to care for pet that will still have a personality and connect to you like a dog.

So for your viewing pleasure here are some baby rat pictures :)

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