Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tattoos Number Three & Four

I just realized I never posted about my newest two tattoos. I went down to visit my mom and sister for my sister's 18th birthday last August in Tennessee and they had just gotten new tattoos so I got all fired up and decided to get a new one myself. Somehow getting one turned into two.

Tattoo #3: Family Tattoo
Yes like a cult or something everyone in my family got a matching tattoo (hopefully I'll be able to post all of them when my brother in law gets his). The guys' are a bit less girly without the red and the love but they are all the same general concept. Mine is on my left shoulder blade.

Tattoo #4: Beautiful Disaster Ambigram
Outline up top and finished product obviously. I got this tattoo because it's a summary of my life. One beautiful disaster. I have to admit this was the hardest tattoo I've ever gotten. I got about halfway through and I almost passed out from the pain. Between my hip bone and my ribs I'm not sure which was worse. Regardless, it turned out fantastic and I love it dearly.

So big shout out to Black Hearts Tattoo Parlor in Cleveland, TN and Hammer Hands for doing just a fantastic job on both of my tattoos. I'm beyond pleased with how they turned out.

And for those of you keeping up, these would be all four of them. Two shoulders, my side, and my left hip. More to come for sure! Its an addiction (:

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