Just Me;*

Wellll, I'm Courtney Cierra All you really need to know there. I live in a very small, extremely conservative and "everyone knows your business" kinda town in the middle of pretty much no where. I'm currently attending Rhodes State College and going on to study Zoology at The Ohio State University (Lima campus). My life is pretty much a hot mess but if you read any of the posts on here, you'll understand that :)

My friends and family are extremely important to me along with school and my ever fabulous job.

A few things you may wanna know:

-I like lists... a lot. It's an OCD thing.

-I'm big on the belief that everything happens for a reason.

-I loooovvvveeee music and will tend to talk about it a lot. :)

-My opinions sometimes happen to be very blunt and straight forward. Sorry.

-Spelling is not my specialty. That's why microsoft word has spell check. Too bad this doesn't. I apologize in advance for my errors to come.

-This blog is going to have a lot of my personal life mixed with real stuff going on in the world and such.

-I'm independent and extremely outgoing.

-I'm very opinionated and slightly judgemental. Call me nasty but hey, thats just me. :)