My Story;*

Alrighty, well I'm Courtney Cierra. 

I was born in Galion, Ohio on August 2nd, 1994. I moved roughly 13 times by the time I was 12 around Galion, Crestline, and Bucyrus. I attended Colonel Crawford in Bucyrus, Ohio for Kindergarten and first grade then went to Wynford in Bucyrus for my 2nd grade year. I moved to Van Wert, Ohio and attended Franklin Elementary School until the sixth grade when I went to Ohio City Liberty for one year. Seventh grade started at the old High School (What is now the Goedde Building) and then to the New Van Wert Middle/High School where I finished out until I graduated May 20th, 2012.

My baby twin, Bri, was born two years after I was and Gabriella (Gabi) was born in 2000. In 2001/2002 my parents got a divorce and soon after my mom moved to Van Wert. My mom and my step dad Scott got married in November of 2003 and I got a step brother and sister, Kaleb and Taylor. My dad started dating a woman who I now call my step mom, Nikki and she moved in with us with her son Tyler, who I just call my step brother. In May of 2004, my mom and step dad had a daughter Jordan (JJ). In May of 2005, my dad and Nikki had a daughter Candyel (named after my baby sitter and family friend Candy who died much too young.)

In high school I played a variety of sports including Cross Country up to Junior year, Varsity Soccer, and Track and Field. I was in Band from 4th grade all the way to senior year and choir from 7th the 12th grade. I also participated in Musical, One Acts, Scholastic Bowl, and other random activities. I wouldn't say they were the greatest years of my life but they were fun. Lots of hanging out with friends, sporting events, and all kinds of other stuff.

When I was 16, I got my license and got my first job at the ever wonderful Taco Bell in Van Wert, Ohio. That lasted 9 months at which point I quit because I wanted something better. Thanks to some help I got a job at Van Wert McDonalds a month after I quit. I worked there until June of 2012 when I quit because of a bad personal relationship and transferred to the Delphos McDonalds where I now work.

The summer before my senior year I was accepted into Bowling Green State University and I was thrilled. I loved BG even if I had no idea what I wanted to do. I struggled with whether I wanted to go into Veterinary Medicine, Journalism, Business, Music, or something completely different but I was sure I wanted to go to BG.

In March of my senior year I got the shocking news that I was pregnant (See this post for more) and it obviously changed my entire life. It all seemed to last an eternity but I only knew I was pregnant for about 2 weeks. But I changed my entire future for Baby Treesh. I changed schools to go to Rhodes for summer quarter and OSU Lima for fall to get my Zoology undergraduate degree.

Then it was gone. Just like that. I was just another teenager. But at the same time I was still different. I had lost a lot of my friends because whether I liked it or not, I grew up. Fast. I had prepared myself to take on so much and endure so much that I couldn't just go back to being a carefree teenager. It just changed me completely. I can't say whether it was for the good or bad.

May of my senior year, I moved out of my parents house and into my friend, Jen's house in Ohio City. In July, Jen bought her own house here in Van Wert, Ohio and was gracious enough to let me live with her until I finish with 4 year schooling in Lima and head off to Columbus.

So here I am. And I'm just me.

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